What does Moneymaxxing mean?

Trying to make your money situation better

Moneymaxxing, often known as wealthmaxxing or careermaxxing, is all about a person’s pursuit of accumulating a large amount of money. It’s a concept that emerged from the idea of looksmaxxing and is primarily used by a group of people known as incels.

Incels are individuals who consider moneymaxxing as a means to enhance their attractiveness to potential romantic interests. They believe that being financially stable or affluent can increase their chances of attracting a partner. Additionally, they use the funds acquired through moneymaxxing to support their looksmaxxing efforts, which are aimed at enhancing their physical appearance.

There are several “hacks” or strategies that are used in moneymaxxing. These may include various ways to increase income, reduce expenses, or make smart financial investments.

So, moneymaxxing is essentially about maximising one’s financial potential with the dual goal of increasing personal wealth and improving attractiveness to others.

Example for using ‘Moneymaxxing’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about moneymaxxing? πŸ€‘

Yeah, I’ve come across that term before. It’s about improving your financial situation, right? πŸ’°

Exactly! It refers to trying to acquire lots of money, often for the purpose of becoming more attractive to potential partners. πŸ’ͺ

Ah, I see. So, people believe that being financially well-off can make them more desirable to others? πŸ€”