What does Mooch mean?

To sponge off someone

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘Mooch’, it’s all about freeloading. Basically, it’s when someone lives off the hard work or resources of others, or borrows stuff without planning to return or repay it.

It’s a term often used to describe people who are a bit lazy, those who prefer to avoid working for their own stuff. Instead, they like to take advantage of others’ kindness or generosity.

Mooching can happen in many ways and to different extents. Sometimes, it can be really serious like tricking someone into paying for big-ticket items. Or it can be as simple as sneaking a few fries from someone else’s plate without them offering.

One of the most common examples of mooching is when someone always crashes at another person’s place, especially sleeping on their couch, without contributing anything in return. This kind of behavior is what earns someone the label of being a ‘mooch’.

So, next time you hear the term ‘mooch’, you’ll know exactly what it means. It’s all about those people who prefer to live off others instead of standing on their own two feet.

Example for using ‘Mooch’ in a conversation

Hey, can I crash at your place for a few days? My apartment has a leaky roof.

Sure, no problem! But please don’t be a mooch and clean up after yourself.

Of course! I won’t mooch off your generosity.

Great, thanks! Just make sure you mooch from the fridge responsibly.