What does Mood mean?

My current feelings

‘Mood’ is a popular slang term you’ll often find on social media. It’s used to express your present feelings or state of mind. It’s common to pair it with a meme, like a funny picture, a short video, or an animated GIF.

This term is super versatile and you can use it to express any emotion you’re feeling. Could be that you’re feeling down, excited, crazy, exhausted, green-eyed, or even a bit grumpy. Usually, you’ll find it in short, one-word posts that come with a related meme.

Example for using ‘Mood’ in a conversation

Feeling tired today 😴

Mood πŸ˜…

Just finished a long day at work. Can’t wait to chill at home. 🏠

Mood! I’m so done with today too. 😩