What does MOTAS stand for?

Members of the appropriate sex

When you see “MOTAS” being used, it’s usually in the context of a group, event, or place that’s meant for one specific gender. You might see it in instances like an all-male camping trip or an all-female therapy session. MOTAS is often used online, like on a discussion board exclusively for female runners or a chat group for teenage boys in a community group.

Another typical case where you might stumble upon MOTAS is if you are a lady trying to join a group chat initiated by your male friends. The group might be following the “bros before hoes” mentality, indicating that it’s a males-only space. The term MOTAS helps to convey this gender-specific context or restriction.

In simple terms, MOTAS signifies spaces, conversations, or events that are only open to one sex. It’s a way to communicate that a specific gender is the main or only group welcome, whether that’s in person or in digital spaces.

Example for using ‘MOTAS’ in a conversation

Hey, are you going to the camping trip this weekend?

Yeah, but it’s only for the MOTAS.

What do you mean by MOTAS?

It means only members of the appropriate sex can attend. This trip is for guys only.