What does MOTD stand for?

Message of the day

When you spot MOTD in an online conversation, it’s an abbreviation that stands for “Message of the Day”. This is a feature you’ll often find in online forums or Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels.

In these digital platforms, the MOTD is usually a post that is refreshed daily. It may contain announcements, updates, or any information pertinent to the community.

Moreover, the term MOTD is also used in the context of video gaming. In this sphere, it refers to daily updates that are shared on community pages dedicated to specific games.

These updates could be about new features, game strategies, player rankings, or any other exciting news related to the game. So, if you’re into gaming, keeping an eye out for the MOTD can keep you in the loop.

So, the next time you come across MOTD, you know it’s all about catching the latest updates, either in an online community or a gaming platform.

Example for using ‘MOTD’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the MOTD today? 🤔

Yeah, I saw it! It’s about the new game update. 😄

Awesome! Can you tell me what it says? 👀

Sure! It says there’s a new character and some bug fixes. 🎮