Moving Mad

What does Moving Mad mean?

Behaving differently than usual

When someone starts acting in ways that are not typical for them, they are said to be “moving mad”. So, if you have a buddy who is known to be tight-fisted but all of a sudden splurges on a luxury vehicle, you could say he’s moving mad.

The term moving mad originates in London, but gained popularity thanks to the reality TV show Love Island. Contestants on the show regularly used the phrase to point out odd decisions made by others.

Today, you’re most likely to encounter moving mad on social platforms or in real-life conversations. For instance, on a platform like Twitter, you might come across a post saying, “She’s moving mad!” referring to a celebrity doing something unexpected.

Example for using ‘Moving Mad’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that picture Sarah posted on Instagram?

Yeah, she’s moving mad! She’s always been scared of heights, but now she’s skydiving?!