What does MQ stand for?

Manufacturer coupon

When you’re navigating the world of couponing and consumer savings, you’ll likely come across the acronym ‘MQ’. But what does it mean? Simply put, ‘MQ’ is a shortcut used on these websites to refer to a coupon that comes straight from the folks who make the product.

So instead of having to type out ‘manufacturer’s coupon’ every time, users just say ‘MQ’. It’s a quicker, easier way to communicate. This is especially useful in online forums and discussion boards, where users share deals and savings tips with one another.

Just remember, when you see ‘MQ’ on a savings site, it’s your cue that the coupon you’re looking at isn’t from a retailer or third-party app. Instead, it’s directly from the manufacturer of the product.

Example for using ‘MQ’ in a conversation

Hey, I found a great deal on my favorite cereal!

Oh, really? Tell me more!

Yeah, I got an MQ for it!

What’s an MQ?