What does MRA stand for?

Men’s rights activist

MRA is a term used to describe a faction of men who oppose women’s rights and feminism. It’s usually leveraged in a negative way by those who don’t agree with the beliefs and actions of MRAs.

Although the term is typically used in a derogatory context, it primarily refers to men who have strongly reacted against the advances of women’s rights. The acronym stands for Men’s Rights Activists.

People who use this term are often critical of MRAs, indicating a disapproval of their stance. It’s important to note that the term is frequently used in debates and discussions surrounding gender equality and feminism.

Example for using ‘MRA’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that MRA movement?

Yeah, those are the guys who think men are being treated unfairly, right?

Exactly, they believe men’s rights are being ignored.

Hmm, I’ve heard some people say they’re just anti-women.