What does MTF stand for?

More to follow

Imagine asking your supervisor about your work hours for the coming week. They tell you, “You’re definitely on for Tuesday morning. MTF.” The MTF here stands for more to follow. It’s a way of saying that more information is coming soon.

This slang is often used in professional settings. When someone doesn’t have all the details but wants to share what they know, they might use MTF to indicate that they will give more information as soon as they get it.

So next time you see ‘MTF’ at the end of a message, don’t worry. It simply means that there is more to follow or more info will be provided soon.

Example for using ‘MTF’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard any updates about the project deadline?

Nope, not yet. MTF.

Alright, let me know as soon as you get more info.

Sure thing! MTF.