What does MUBAR stand for?

Messed up beyond all recognition

If you’ve stumbled upon the term MUBAR and wondered what it means, it’s a slang term that stands for “messed up beyond all recognition.” It’s a softer alternative to the term FUBAR, used to describe something that’s in a really bad state.

People use MUBAR in various contexts. For instance, a video game player might use it to describe a game where they got completely defeated. Similarly, someone who’s into cars might use MUBAR to talk about a car that’s been completely wrecked.

Essentially, if something is really messed up or AFU, you can say it’s MUBAR. Although FUBAR originated in the U.S. military as a piece of slang, MUBAR did not. It appears that the military doesn’t feel the need to censor its acronyms, hence the usage of FUBAR over MUBAR.

Example for using ‘MUBAR’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that movie last night?

Yeah, it was MUBAR! The plot made no sense.

I know, right? I couldn’t follow what was happening.

Exactly! It was a total mess.