What does MUD stand for in gaming?

Multi-user dungeon

In gaming circles, the term MUD is an acronym for “multi-user dungeon.” This points to text-based multiplayer games where players can explore various rooms, interact with non-playing characters, battle adversaries, and fulfill missions.

Once a player connects to a MUD, they usually craft their character, learn about the game’s plot, and start their adventure in the starting room of the dungeon. Players can then input specific commands to carry out various actions. For instance, a player can type “North” to move in the northern direction or “Enter” to proceed to the following room. As the player advances in the game, they unlock more possibilities and may run into other gamers.

Most MUDs are themed around fantasy and hence are set in fantasy locations. However, there are MUDs that are situated in sci-fi, historical, or even contemporary environments. These games, which lack any dungeons, are sometimes called “multi-user dimensions” or “multi-user domains.”

Example for using ‘MUD’ in a conversation

Hey, have you ever played a MUD before? 🎮

No, what’s a MUD? 🤔

MUD stands for “multi-user dungeon”. It’s a multiplayer, text-based game where players explore rooms, talk to NPCs, fight enemies, and complete quests. 🏰

Oh, that sounds interesting! How do you play? ⌨️

After connecting to a MUD, you create your character and start in the dungeon’s initial room. You use commands to perform actions like moving or entering rooms. As you progress, you gain more options and may meet other players. 🧙‍♀️