What does Multi-dadding mean?

Giving birth to children from different men

When a woman has children with more than two different men, it’s known as Multi-dadding. This situation can arise in many different ways.

For instance, it could happen when a divorced mom has another child with her new partner, say Tom. Or a single woman, like Susan, who has never been married and has kids with different men.

It could also occur if a young widow like Jessica decides to have another child with her new significant other. It’s not just limited to a particular social class or income group.

You can find cases of Multi-dadding among lower-income women as well as high-profile celebrities. These celebs often experience multiple marriages and divorces, leading to children from different fathers.

Example for using ‘Multi-dadding’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Sarah?

No, what’s up?

She’s multi-dadding now.

Wait, what does that mean?