What does Mum mean?


Mum is a term of affection used to refer to a mother in American English, usually seen as a variant of the more common term “mom”. It’s a short, sweet way to refer to your mom, especially in casual and informal settings.

In other English-speaking countries, like England and Australia, ‘mum’ is the regular way to address one’s mother. It’s not really slang, but more of a pronunciation thing – they say the ‘o’ in ‘mom’ more like a ‘u’ sound.

You’ll often find ‘mum’ being used in everyday situations. Whether it’s in face-to-face conversations, online chats, or text messages. For instance, your sister might say, “Should we buy a surprise gift for mum on her special day?” Or, your buddy might send you a message saying, “I’m really grateful to your mum. She’s been there for me more than my own has.”

Example for using ‘Mum’ in a conversation

Hey, did you talk to your mum about the party?

Yeah, she said it’s okay for us to have it at our place!

Awesome! Let’s plan the decorations then.

Sure, I’ll check with my mum if she can help us with that.