What does Mutual mean on Social Media?

Someone you are connected with on social media because you both follow each other

When two people are following each other on digital platforms, they are known as “mutuals”. This suggests that both individuals share some level of common interest or liking for each other.

The term mutuals can represent a variety of associations on social media. They can be a simple friendship, a romantic interest, or could even be a business relationship, especially if both are social media personalities looking to increase their online presence and followers.

In the context of online dating sites, a mutual is someone you are interested in who also shows interest in you. For instance, on dating apps like Tinder, mutuals are those who have liked each other’s profiles by swiping right.

Example for using ‘Mutual’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see my latest post on Insta?

Yeah, I did! Loved it! You’re so talented! 🀩

Thanks! You’re one of my favorite mutuals. Always supporting each other! πŸ™Œ

Aw, thanks! Same here! We’ve got that mutual love for each other’s content! πŸ’•