What does N/m mean?


Ever seen the term ‘N/m’ while chatting online and wondered what it means? Well, ‘N/m’ is a popular internet slang that stands for “nevermind”. This is not as commonly used as nm or nvm, but it serves the same purpose.

“Nevermind” is usually used to signal that something is not important or should be forgotten. So, when someone types ‘N/m’, they’re telling you to disregard their previous statement or question.

There are a couple of reasons why someone might use ‘N/m’ in a conversation. Either they’ve changed their mind about something, or they’ve decided it’s not worth discussing. This makes online chatting a bit more fluid and less formal.

So, next time you see ‘N/m’ pop up in your chat, remember it’s just a quick way of saying “forget what I just said” or “it doesn’t matter”. It’s just one of the many ways internet slang makes digital communication more efficient!

Example for using ‘N/m’ in a conversation

Hey, do you remember what time we’re meeting tomorrow?

N/m, I just found out I can’t make it. Sorry!

Oh, no problem! Thanks for letting me know.

No worries! Let’s reschedule for another time.