What does N/R stand for on eBay?

No reserve

When you see ‘N/R’ in an eBay listing, it simply means that there’s no set minimum price for that item. Essentially, whatever the highest bid ends up being, that’s the price at which the item will sell. This is identical to the NR acronym used on eBay.

‘N/R’ is a great way for sellers to entice potential buyers. By not setting a minimum price, they’re inviting everyone to place their bids, regardless of how high or low they might be. The item then goes to the highest bidder, creating a sense of competition and urgency among buyers.

To put it simply, ‘N/R’ on eBay is a strategy for sellers to potentially get the best price for their items. It’s a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers. Sellers get to sell their items, and buyers get the chance to snag great deals if their bids are the highest.

Example for using ‘N/R’ in a conversation

Hey, I found this cool item on eBay. It’s an old vinyl record player.

Nice! Is it being auctioned?

Yeah, it’s actually listed as ‘N/R’.

What does ‘N/R’ mean?

It means ‘No reserve’. That means there’s no minimum price set for the auction. The highest bidder wins!