What does N2M stand for?

Not too much

If you’re someone who’s often got a lot of downtime, you’ve probably used “N2M”, which means “not too much.” This is a phrase most commonly used in online conversations or text messages when someone asks what you’re doing and there’s nothing particular going on.

The slang term “N2M” is a lot like the more well-known term “NM”, standing for “not much.” It’s a favorite among those who prefer a relaxed lifestyle or perhaps don’t have a large social circle.

Also, if you’re asked about your plans and you want to spend time with the person asking, you might say “N2M” even if you do have other things to do. This way, you’re giving the impression that you’re free to hang out.

Example for using ‘N2M’ in a conversation

Hey! How’s it going?

N2M, just chilling at home. You?

Same here, nothing much happening. Wanna hang out later?

Sure, sounds good! N2M, so I’m up for it. What do you wanna do?