What does N64 stand for?

Nintendo 64

When gamers mention N64, they’re talking about the Nintendo 64 game console. This was the follow-up to the famed SNES. Loved by many for its iconic games such as Super Mario 64, Pokémon Stadium, and the debut of the Super Smash Bros. series.

The N64 had a unique M-shaped controller and was known for its cutting-edge 3D graphics at the time. Those who spent their childhood playing on the N64 have fond memories of these features.

Today, both old-school and new gamers can enjoy N64 games through the use of official and third-party N64 emulators. These are available on current Nintendo consoles, PCs, and even smartphones.

Example for using ‘N64’ in a conversation

Hey, do you remember the N64?

Of course! That was the Nintendo 64, right?

Yes, exactly! It had so many awesome games.

I loved playing Super Mario 64 on it!