Name Shame

What does Name Shame mean?

Forgetting someone’s name

Ever been in a situation where you’ve spent lots of time with a person, but still can’t remember their name? That’s what we call Name Shame. The ‘shame’ part of the term shows how embarrassing it can be when you can’t recall the name of someone you’ve spent a good amount of time with.

Most times, you forget these people’s names because they didn’t leave a memorable impression or they have a forgettable face. However, it’s important to note that this term isn’t applicable to individuals with memory loss issues. That’s just not fair to them.

Example for using ‘Name Shame’ in a conversation

Hey! Remember that person we met at the party last night?

Yeah, the one with the great dance moves?

No, not that one. The other person we were talking to for a while.

Oh, you mean the one with the funny stories?

No, not that one either. The person I’m talking about is… umm… I can’t remember their name.

Ah, name shame strikes again!

Exactly! I feel so bad that we spent so much time with them and I can’t recall their name.

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Sometimes people just don’t make a strong impression.