What does Nappetizer mean?

Taking a nap before you start an activity

A Nappetizer is a quick nap that people take to gear up for another activity, which is typically a longer nap. It’s like a warm-up sleep session that gets you ready for the main sleep event.

Some folks, however, use a nappetizer in a slightly different way. For them, a nappetizer is a short nap they take before eating. After this appetizing sleep, they’re all set to enjoy their food and then probably take another nap after their meal.

Example for using ‘Nappetizer’ in a conversation

Just finished my workout, feeling tired 😴

Time for a nappetizer! 😴🍽️

Haha, you mean a nap before eating?

Yep, exactly! Gotta replenish my energy before dinner πŸ˜„