What does NBL stand for?

Not bloody likely

NBL is a slang acronym that’s more common in the United Kingdom than other parts of the world. It’s a playful way of saying “not bloody likely,” which is just a fun, emphatic way of saying that something is very unlikely to happen.

Mostly, you’ll find NBL being used by Brits who are up-to-date with their slang, or by people who have a soft spot for British culture. If you’re not part of these groups, you might not have come across this term before.

As NBL is not a widely known abbreviation, it can lead to some confusion if used with people who aren’t familiar with it. So, it’s best to use it only when you’re sure the other person will understand its meaning.

Here’s a scenario where you might use NBL: let’s say your friend Tom asks if you’d consider going to a freezing cold football match. Or, your buddy Lisa asks if you’d ever think about dating her cousin. In both these situations, you could reply with a simple, “NBL!”

Example for using ‘NBL’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the beach party this weekend?

NBL! I can’t stand the sand and the sunburns πŸ˜…

Haha, fair enough! How about going shopping instead?

NBL, I’m broke right now πŸ’Έ