What does NBLM stand for?

Non-binary loving men

Non-binary individuals who have a primary romantic or sexual attraction towards men often identify as NBLM, which stands for “non-binary loving men”. This term can also be used to define a romantic or sexual relationship between a non-binary person (often referred to as an ‘enby’) and a man. This could be a real-life relationship or even one depicted in fictional works.

The acronym NBLM follows a similar structure to MLM (men loving men) and WLW (women loving women). In these acronyms, the part before the ‘L’ represents the gender the person identifies with, and the part after the ‘L’ represents the gender they are attracted to.

So, in the case of NBLM, the ‘NB’ stands for ‘non-binary’, indicating that the person identifies as non-binary, and the ‘M’ stands for men, signifying that they are attracted to men. Similarly, the ‘M’ in MLM and ‘W’ in WLW signify that the person identifies as a man or a woman, respectively.

Example for using ‘NBLM’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of NBLM?

Yeah, it stands for Non-binary loving men. It’s a term used to describe non-binary individuals who are primarily attracted to men.

That’s cool! So, it’s like a way for them to identify their attraction and relationship preference.

Exactly! It’s similar to how MLM is used for relationships between two men and WLW for relationships between two women.