What does NBLNB stand for?

Non-binary loving non-binary

NBLNB is an acronym used primarily by non-binary people to describe their attraction towards other non-binary people. It stands for “non-binary loving non-binary.” This term can be used to describe real-life relationships between two non-binary individuals, or it can also be used to describe fictional relationships.

The term follows a similar pattern to other acronyms used within the queer community to describe relationships, like MLM, WLW, NBLM, and NBLW. In all of these acronyms, the letters before the L represent the person’s gender identity, and the letters after the L indicate the gender the person is attracted to.

For example, in NBLNB, the first NB stands for non-binary, indicating the user’s own gender identity. The L stands for ‘loving’, and the second NB stands for non-binary, indicating the user’s attraction towards other non-binary individuals.

Example for using ‘NBLNB’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of NBLNB? 🌈

Yeah, I have! It stands for Non-binary loving non-binary. ❀️

That’s right! It’s used to describe non-binary individuals who are attracted to other non-binary people. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

Exactly! It’s great to see more inclusive terms like NBLNB being recognized. πŸ™Œ