What does NBLW stand for?

Non-binary loving women

When a person doesn’t identify as a male or female, but is mostly attracted to women, they could be described as NBLW, or “non-binary loving women”. It’s a handy way to explain their gender identity and who they’re usually attracted to, all in one short acronym.

Don’t be surprised to hear NBLW used to talk about a relationship between a non-binary person and a woman too, even if it’s just a fictional one. It’s a simple way to give a snapshot of the dynamics in their relationship.

Just like the more commonly known terms WLW (women loving women) and MLM (men loving men), NBLW follows the same pattern. The bit before the ‘L’ tells you the gender identity of the person, and the bit after the ‘L’ shows you who they’re attracted to. So NBLW = non-binary person who loves women. It’s as easy as that.

Example for using ‘NBLW’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of NBLW?

No, what does it mean?

It stands for Non-binary loving women. It’s used to describe non-binary people who are attracted to women.

Oh, got it! So it’s like the equivalent of WLW for women attracted to women?

Exactly! Just like WLW is for women who love women, NBLW is for non-binary folks who love women.

That’s cool, I didn’t know about that acronym. Thanks for sharing!