What does NC stand for?

No comment

“NC” is a quick and easy way to say “no comment”. It’s perfect for those moments when you simply don’t have anything to say, or when it might be better to hold your tongue. In the world of social media and internet communication, “NC” can be a real life-saver.

This term is commonly used by people in the public eye who often have to dodge prying questions from the media. But it isn’t just for celebrities. Regular folks can also find “NC” useful during online chats or text conversations.

Picture this: a friend asks for your opinion on their room decor, but you’re not really interested. Or, your partner asks you if their new outfit makes them look heavy. These are prime opportunities to use “NC”. You can avoid giving an unwanted opinion or stepping into a tricky situation. It’s simple, effective, and to the point.

Example for using ‘NC’ in a conversation

Hey, what do you think about my new hairstyle?


Oh, come on! You can tell me.

I said NC, buddy.