What does NCO stand for in StarCraft 2?

Nova Covert Ops

When you hear StarCraft 2 gamers say NCO, they’re talking about Nova Covert Ops. This is the last expansion pack for StarCraft 2 that was released.

NCO was initially launched as three different DLC packs. But now, gamers can buy and install the whole NCO bundle at once. It’s super convenient and adds a lot to the overall StarCraft 2 experience.

In the NCO missions, you step into the shoes of the ghost agent named Nova Terra. Her mission? To investigate a rebellious group of Terrans called the Defenders of Man. It’s a thrilling storyline that keeps players hooked.

Playing NCO is all about controlling Nova. You’ll guide her through a series of connected missions. But beware, in several of these missions, if Nova gets killed, it’s game over. You lose. So, make sure to keep her safe!

Example for using ‘NCO’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played NCO yet? 🎮

Yeah, I just finished it! It’s the final StarCraft 2 expansion pack. 🌟

Nice! How many missions does it have? 🕹️

It has nine new missions, all connected. You play as Nova Terra, a ghost agent. 😎