What does Nd mean?


If you have ever seen “nd” in an online chat or text message, you might have been left scratching your head. Don’t worry! It’s just a quick way of saying “and”. By knocking off the “a”, “nd” becomes a speedy alternative, particularly useful when you’re typing in a rush.

Ever had a tweet that was just a character too long? We’ve all been there. That’s when “nd” comes in handy. It can save space in your message when every character counts.

It’s worth noting though, that “nd” isn’t the most common way of shortening “and”. Many people might use “n” or the ampersand symbol (&) instead. So, if you’re texting your grandpa or English teacher, you might want to stick with these more widely known alternatives, to avoid any confusion.

Example for using ‘Nd’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?

Yeah, I’ll be there! What time does it start?

7 pm. You should bring some snacks nd drinks.

Sure, I’ll stop by the store on my way.