What does NED stand for?

No expiration date

If you see ‘NED’ on a coupon, it means that the coupon has “no expiration date“. This term is commonly used on websites and forums that talk about coupons and deals. It’s all about a coupon or rebate that doesn’t expire – it’s good to use forever, in theory.

Most businesses don’t really want to keep accepting all their coupons forever. So, it’s pretty rare to find a coupon marked with NED. That’s why NED coupons are a big deal for people who love couponing.

But even if you find a coupon with NED on it, you might not be able to use it. If the coupon is really old, the business might decide not to accept it. So, while NED can be exciting, it doesn’t always mean you’ve hit the jackpot.

Example for using ‘NED’ in a conversation

Hey, I found this cool coupon for our favorite pizza place!

Awesome! When does it expire?

That’s the best part, it’s NED!

No expiration date? That’s rare! Let’s use it wisely.