Nepo Baby

What does Nepo Baby mean?

A kid who gets advantages because of their famous mom or dad

A Nepo Baby is someone who has benefited from their parents’ fame or high-standing position. This term is often used in industries like Hollywood, business, sports, and politics.

The tag ‘Nepo Baby’ became popular in February 2022, although the concept has been around since time immemorial. Its usage spiked when viewers of the popular show Euphoria noticed that one of its actresses, for instance, Sophia Smith (fictional name), was the child of famed producer, say, John Smith (fictional name), and a well-known actress, say, Mary Smith (fictional name).

Being a Nepo Baby is often seen in a negative light as people believe these individuals have an unfair advantage over others. A celebrity’s kid, for example, is typically well-off and can fully focus on auditions. They also have access to top-tier scripts, influential connections, and insider tips from their parents.

However, it’s crucial to note that being a Nepo Baby doesn’t automatically mean lacking talent. They could inherit their parents’ abilities and become skilled in their chosen field. Some Nepo Babies, despite the privileges, take a step back from their family’s fame by changing their surnames, a move that generally garners respect from the public.

Example for using ‘Nepo Baby’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you hear about that new movie coming out?

Yeah, I saw the trailer. The lead actor is actually a nepo baby.

Oh, really? I didn’t know that. So, they got the role because of their famous parent?

Exactly! It’s kind of unfair, don’t you think?