Net Net

What does Net Net mean?

‘Net Net’ is another way to say ‘Bottom line’

‘Net Net’ is a slang term used in business to mean the “final outcome” or result. This phrase is often used by bosses when they want an employee to summarize the main positive and/or negative effects of a certain event or action.

For instance, if your supervisor asks you about the net net of switching suppliers, they are asking about the overall impact this change has had on the company. You might answer by saying, “The net net is positive. We are saving funds and our goods are being delivered quicker.”

Usually, when someone asks you for the net net, they’re looking for a brief and to-the-point explanation. So, there’s no need to go into the reasons behind the outcome. Just focus on explaining the effects of the event or action.

Example for using ‘Net Net’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new project at work?

Yeah, I did. What’s the net net of it?

Well, the net net is that it’s going to increase our workload, but it also means more recognition and opportunities for growth.

Got it. Thanks for the update!