Netflix Bipolar

What does Netflix Bipolar mean?

Can’t decide what to watch on Netflix

Netflix Bipolar is a slang phrase you might hear if you’re talking to someone about their TV or movie habits. It’s used to describe a situation where someone finds it hard to stick with one show or movie on Netflix, and instead keeps hopping from one to another.

Let’s say, for instance, someone named Tom starts watching a new series. He watches the first couple of episodes, but then he gets bored or doesn’t like what he’s seeing. Instead of powering through or giving up, Tom starts watching a different show or a movie. After a while, he might go back to the first show, or he might try something else entirely. This kind of behavior is what we call Netflix Bipolar.

Basically, being Netflix Bipolar is all about not being able to commit to seeing a show or movie through to the end. It’s the result of not liking what you’re watching, getting bored, or just not being in the mood for that particular kind of content.

Example for using ‘Netflix Bipolar’ in a conversation

I can’t decide what to watch on Netflix tonight. πŸ€”

Oh, you’re having a case of ‘Netflix Bipolar’. Happens to me all the time! πŸ˜…

Yeah, I keep switching between different shows and movies. I just can’t find something that I’m in the mood for. 😩

I totally get it. Sometimes I spend more time scrolling through the options than actually watching something. πŸ˜‚