Netflix Cheating

What does Netflix Cheating mean?

Sneaking ahead to watch episodes of a Netflix show when your partner isn’t there

Imagine you and your partner are hooked to a series on Netflix, and you secretly watch ahead without them. This sneaky act is what we call ‘Netflix Cheating’. It’s like a little betrayal, as you’re spoiling the fun of watching together and breaking your partner’s trust.

The term popped up when Netflix started streaming shows online, back in the late 2000s. As technology improved, especially on mobile devices, it became easier and easier to Netflix cheat.

While ‘Netflix Cheating’ might not be as damaging as having an affair, it can still create tension in a relationship. And it’s not only limited to couples, it can also happen between friends or family members who enjoy watching the same show together.

There can be many reasons why someone might Netflix cheat. Maybe your partner dozes off early, or they’re too tied up with work or other stuff, or they’re not a fan of binge-watching for long hours. Regardless of the reason, it’s always best to remember that sharing a show is more enjoyable when everyone’s on the same episode.

Example for using ‘Netflix Cheating’ in a conversation

Hey, have you watched the latest episode of our favorite show on Netflix?

No, I haven’t had a chance yet. I’ve been really busy with work this week.

Oh, I couldn’t resist and ended up Netflix cheating last night. I watched two episodes ahead.

What?! You Netflix cheated on me? That’s not cool!