What does it mean?

Chowing down more food than you planned while only intending to nibble a bit

Have you ever started snacking with a small portion but ended up eating way more than you planned? That’s called Netflixing. It’s when your good intentions of eating a little take a backseat, and you end up indulging in a food feast.

Netflixing is usually associated with those who find it hard to control their cravings. The usual suspect that triggers this binge eating is often your favorite guilty pleasure food.

The term finds its roots from the popular online streaming platform, ‘Netflix’. The same way you might get hooked on a show and watch multiple episodes in one go, is how you might find yourself overeating. It’s like binge-watching, but with food!

Example for using ‘Netflixing’ in a conversation

Hey, I just finished watching my favorite show on Netflix!

Nice! Did you end up Netflixing while watching it?

Oh, absolutely! I started with a small bag of chips and ended up devouring a whole pizza.