What does Nethng mean?


Nethng is a shortened form of the word “anything”. It’s a way to write the word without including all the vowels, but it does add an “e”. This kind of abbreviation is common in text messages, emails, and online chat.

Interestingly, nethng doesn’t save a lot of space. “Ne” is not much shorter than “any,” and “thing” is only missing an “i”. Sometimes, people mistake it for a typo of the word “nothing”.

Those who use this unique short form are often tech-savvy moms trying to be cool, and teenage girls. However, since nethng is not a commonly known abbreviation, it can confuse those who read it.

Example for using ‘Nethng’ in a conversation

Hey, what are you up to this weekend?

Nethng! Just chilling at home. How about you?

Same here, just taking it easy. Maybe we can catch up?

Sounds good! Nethng specific you want to do?

Nah, nethng in mind. We can decide on the spot.

Perfect, let’s keep it spontaneous then!