What does NFS stand for?

Not for sale

If you have ever browsed online marketplaces or forums, you might have come across the acronym NFS. It’s a quick way for people to say “not for sale.” So, when you see NFS, know that the item you’re interested in is not up for grabs.

Imagine you’re checking out a sales listing. You see a cool item in the background of a photo, but it’s not mentioned in the description. You ask the seller about it, hoping to buy it. If they reply with NFS, that’s their way of telling you that specific item is not available for purchase.

To put it simply, NFS is the go-to term for sellers to indicate that an item they’ve shown or talked about is not on the market.

Example for using ‘NFS’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that cool collectible on the forum?

Yeah, I did! But it’s NFS.

Oh, really? That’s a bummer. I was hoping to buy it.

Yeah, the owner just wants to show it off, not sell it.