What does NGMI stand for?

Not gonna make it

NGMI, standing for Not Gonna Make It, is a phrase you might use when you’re running behind schedule or have made a choice that’s not likely to work out. It’s a slang term often seen in text messages and chats, but it’s most frequently used by individuals involved in cryptocurrency and NFTs on social media sites.

In the world of cryptocurrency, NGMI is used to point out currencies, individuals or decisions that are believed to be doomed to failure. For instance, if a company comes up with a new type of digital currency which doesn’t offer anything special or different, people in the crypto world may declare that this new currency is NGMI.

When the term NGMI is used to describe a person or a company in the crypto circle, it often suggests that the entity in question lacks foresight and intellect. Case in point, a person who decides to sell their digital assets that are predicted to increase in value over time might be tagged as NGMI by others in the community.

Example for using ‘NGMI’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that new cryptocurrency?

Yeah, I did. It’s called BitCash or something. I heard it doesn’t offer anything unique.

Exactly! That currency is NGMI for sure. It’s not gonna make it in the market.

Haha, true. The crypto community is ruthless when it comes to calling out bad investments.