What does Ninjaedit mean?

A speedy correction to what you’ve posted

A ninjaedit is a quick alteration made to a comment on Reddit before the site has a chance to show it as edited. The term is inspired by the speed and stealth typically linked to ninjas. The word ‘ninjaedit’ can be utilized both as a noun and a verb.

There are many reasons why a user would opt to make a ninjaedit. For instance, if you’ve just posted a comment and immediately notice a typo, you might employ a ninjaedit to correct it. But it’s not just for fixing typos. If you’ve left out crucial details, found your comment to be unclear, or mistakenly included something inappropriate, a ninjaedit may be your go-to solution.

While editing a comment is perfectly fine, some Reddit users prefer their comments to appear unedited. This way, others won’t suspect that they’ve altered the original content of their posts. It’s important to note, however, that while comments can be ninjaedited, post titles cannot be changed after they’re posted.

Example for using ‘Ninjaedit’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see my comment on that Reddit post?

Yeah, I did! But it looks like you made a typo there.

Oh no! Can I fix it?

Of course! Just make a ninjaedit and it’ll be all good.