What does Nippy mean?

Nippy equals to Cold

When you feel a slight bite from the chilly air, you describe it as ‘Nippy’. This term is usually used to illustrate those times when the cold weather just starts to make its presence felt on your skin, giving you a sensation of mild discomfort.

This slang is often heard when people talk about sudden dips in temperature, like the first chilly morning of autumn. Imagine your mom coming in from a walk and warning you, “Grab your sweatshirt; it’s pretty nippy out.”

Also, ‘nippy’ can be used to explain the cool temperature inside a place, say a cafe, cinema, or a living room. Picture your buddy messaging you to carry a jacket to the cinema because it’s nippy inside.

Remember, ‘nippy’ is used to express the initial stages of coldness. As the temperature drops further, people start using words like “frigid,” “ice-cold,” “extremely cold,” and “my face is numb!”

Example for using ‘Nippy’ in a conversation

Hey, did you step outside? It’s a bit nippy out there! ❄️

Oh, really? Thanks for letting me know. I’ll grab a jacket before heading out. πŸ§₯

Good call! It caught me by surprise when I went to get the mail. Stay warm! πŸ”₯

Will do! Don’t want that nippy air biting me. See you later! πŸ‘‹