What does Nite mean?

‘Nite’ stands for ‘Night’

‘Nite’ is a quick and phonetic way to write “night.” It’s commonly used in text messages and online chats, but it’s not unusual to see it in other places like signs, party invites, or even TV shows (like “Nick at Nite”).

Usually, ‘nite’ is used in informal situations. It might not be considered right to use it in formal settings. For example, you might get a text from a buddy saying, “Take care, sweet nite!”

Many people use ‘nite’ on its own, but it’s also used with other words or characters. Examples are ‘gnite’ or ‘2nite.’ For instance, a pal might text you, “Movie at our place 2nite. Wanna join?”

Example for using ‘Nite’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free tonight?

Yeah, what’s up?

Let’s catch a movie 2nite. I heard it’s really good!

Sounds great! What time should we meet?