What does NLCS stand for in Baseball?

National League Championship Series

When you hear the term ‘NLCS’, it’s a quick shorthand for the National League Championship Series in baseball.

This series is a competitive best-of-seven showdown that determines which team will face off against the champions of the American League in the World Series.

The NLCS is a high-stakes match between the two teams that have emerged victorious from their division series.

Home-field advantage for the NLCS, meaning who gets to host four out of the seven games, goes to the team that had the best regular season record.

Example for using ‘NLCS’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the NLCS last night? πŸ†

Yeah, it was intense! The Dodgers won in seven games. πŸ™Œ

That’s awesome! So, they’ll be playing in the World Series, right? 🌍⚾

Exactly! They’ll face the AL champions for the championship. Can’t wait! 🀩