What does NMHJC stand for?

Not much here, just chilling

Ever wondered what NMHJC stands for? Well, it’s a cool way of telling someone that you’re simply chilling with no plans in sight. It’s a combo of the two acronyms NMH and JC. It’s a handy response when you’re just taking it easy.

But remember, if you use NMHJC, you’re implying you’re free. So, be ready! The person you’re talking to might take it as an opportunity to invite you to do something. And voila! Your chilling time could turn into something else.

Consider using NMHJC when someone asks you questions like “What’s happening?” or “What’s up with you?” There are also other alternatives you can use such as NM, chln, brd, BOOMS, BTD, and WB.

Example for using ‘NMHJC’ in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, what’s up?

Person 2: NMHJC, just chilling. How about you?

Person 1: Same here, nothing much. Wanna hang out later?

Person 2: Sorry, can’t. NMHJC, remember? Maybe another time.