What does it mean?

Nothing much, just chillin’

When people are asked what they’re up to, they might respond with NMJC. It’s a shorthand way of saying, “Not much, just chilling.” It’s a common response in texts or online chats to signify that they’re not busy and just relaxing.

This slang merges NM and JC together. It can also be written in other forms, such as chln, NMHJC, or NMJCY. These variations are also popular in digital communication.

Someone might use NMJC when they’re genuinely free and not doing anything. But sometimes, it’s also used as a tactic. The person might say NMJC to show they’re available and open to doing something with the person asking.

For instance, if Jack likes to hang out with Jill, he might use NMJC when Jill asks him about his plans. It could also be a subtle way for Jack to express his interest in Jill, by showing that he’s always ready to spend time with her.

Example for using ‘NMJC’ in a conversation

Hey, what’s up?

NMJC, you?

Same, just hanging out at home.

Nice, wanna come over and watch a movie?