What does NMJCY stand for?

Not much, just chilling, you?

Ever been asked what you’re up to and you just want to say you’re chilling? NMJCY is the perfect acronym for that. It’s a quick way to respond when you’re just relaxing, and you want to know what the other person is up to as well.

Most people use NMJCY in online chats or text messages. It’s a great way to keep the conversation going without typing too much. For instance, if a buddy texts you asking what you’re up to, you can just respond with NMJCY. It’s a cool way to say you’re free and also to ask them what they’re doing.

NMJCY is actually an extended version of NMJC, with an added ‘Y’ at the end. The ‘Y’ stands for ‘you’, turning the response into a question as well. It’s like saying ‘Nothing much, just chilling. You?’

There are other variations of NMJCY too. One of them is ‘chln’, which is a shorthand for ‘chilling’. Another one is ‘NMHJC’, which adds a humorous twist to the original version.

Example for using ‘NMJCY’ in a conversation

Hey! What’s up?

NMJCY 🌴 You?

Just chilling too 😎 Any plans for the weekend?

Not really, probably just hanging out with friends. How about you?