No Cap

What does No Cap mean?

No Cap means No lie

No Cap is a slang way of saying “I’m not lying” or “seriously”. It’s a way to reinforce that you’re speaking the truth, particularly when you’re talking about something that seems unbelievable. This phrase became widely used in 2018.

In online chats or text messages, you might see No Cap paired with a baseball hat emoji to increase the intensity of the statement. The words Cap or Capping are also used to call out people who aren’t telling the truth.

This slang got a big boost in May 2019 when a well-known basketball player, let’s say LeBron James, tweeted it, accusing a journalist of not being honest about their text conversation. So, No Cap is all about honesty and truth.

Example for using ‘No Cap’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new club that opened downtown? They say it’s the best in the city!

No cap, I went last night and it was amazing! The music, the atmosphere, everything was on point!

For real? I find that hard to believe. Most clubs around here aren’t that great.

No cap, this one is different. You have to check it out for yourself!