No-damage Run

What does No-damage Run mean in gaming?

Getting through a game without taking any damage

No-damage run is a gaming term that involves completing a video game without taking any damage whatsoever. This is often considered a nearly impossible task, even more challenging than a no-hit run, which only requires avoiding damage from enemies.

Accomplishing a no-damage run is not for the faint-hearted. It demands countless hours of practice and gameplay. Not only is the player expected to master the game, but they also need to provide video evidence for the skeptics out there.

What makes this feat particularly difficult is the change in gameplay approach that it demands. You can’t rush through levels as usual. Instead, you need to move at a slower pace and make more deliberate, calculated moves. This way, you minimize the chances of receiving accidental damage.

Example for using ‘No-damage Run’ in a conversation

Hey, I just finished playing that new game!

Nice! Did you do a no-damage run?

Haha, I wish! It’s so hard to beat a game without getting hit at all.

Tell me about it! Even avoiding damage from enemies is challenging.