No-hit Run

What does No-hit Run mean in gaming?

Winning a game without a single enemy touch is called a ‘No-hit Run’

A No-hit run is all about completing a game without receiving any damage from an enemy. It’s a challenging task requiring a player to dodge all enemy attacks throughout the entire game. Even if a player loses health, it can still be considered a no-hit run, as long as the damage isn’t caused by an enemy.

No-hit run isn’t all about not getting hit, it’s also about mastering the game, understanding the enemy’s movements, and predicting their attacks. It needs a significant amount of gameplay practice and a lot of patience. The achievement is so impressive that it often requires video proof to convince others.

There are different versions of a no-hit run, with varying rules. Some consider it a no-hit run even if the player takes damage from a fall or environmental hazards, while others do not. The type of weapons that can be used during the run can also differ depending on the rules.

One of the most popular no-hit runs was accomplished by a gamer named Bob on a live streaming platform. He managed to finish Dark Souls 3 without a single hit from an enemy, marking a first in the game’s history. His achievement is a testament to the intensity and dedication required for a no-hit run.

Example for using ‘No-hit Run’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of the term ‘No-hit Run’?

Yeah, it’s when you beat a game without getting hit by an enemy!