No Yeah

What does No Yeah mean?

‘No Yeah’ equals ‘Yes’

The slang phrase ‘No Yeah’ is a unique way of saying “yes” during a conversation. It’s used to convey agreement with another person’s decision, especially when they choose not to do something or to alter something.

Let’s look at a situation for clarity. Suppose your colleague, John, says, “I thought the color scheme was off, so I changed it,” and you respond, “No yeah, the revised scheme works better.” Here, the term ‘no’ is acknowledging John’s initial dissatisfaction with the color scheme, while ‘yeah’ is agreeing with his choice to change it.

Here’s another example. If a friend, Sarah, asks you, “Should I have ended the relationship after he acted that way?” and you respond with, “No yeah, his behavior was unacceptable.” Here, ‘no’ is referring to the boyfriend’s inappropriate behavior, and ‘yeah’ is your overall agreement with Sarah’s decision to end the relationship.

It’s important to note that this phrase is frequently used in America, especially in California and the Midwest. It’s also common in other English-speaking countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Interestingly, those who use ‘no yeah’ might also use ‘yeah no’, which means the exact opposite – ‘no’.

Example for using ‘No Yeah’ in a conversation

Friend: Just got a new job offer! Should I take it?

You: No yeah! It’s a great opportunity for you.

Friend: Really? I’m a bit hesitant.

You: No yeah, the company has a good reputation and the salary is higher.