What does Nontroversy mean?

A controversy that is made up

A nontroversy is essentially a controversy that’s not really a controversy at all. It’s an issue that’s been blown out of proportion or completely made up, usually for someone’s personal gain. Often, politicians or media outlets will create these non-issues to divert the public’s attention or draw in viewers.

The term is a mashup of “non” and “controversy”. The rise in nontroversies can be linked to the ever-increasing influence of 24/7 news channels, the internet, and social media. These platforms have made it all the easier to craft and spread these fabricated controversies.

These pseudo-controversies are a crafty way to churn out content, nab clicks, reel in viewers, and generally keep people entertained. Tell-tale signs of a nontroversy include claims that people are offended when they’re not, misquoting individuals, and neglecting to verify the source of the story.

Example for using ‘Nontroversy’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that big controversy going on?

Oh, you mean the one about the celebrity’s outfit at the awards show?

Yeah, that’s the one. But you know what? I think it’s just a nontroversy.

What’s a nontroversy?

It’s when something gets blown out of proportion for no real reason. Like, it’s not actually a big deal, but people make it seem like it is.

Ah, got it. So you think this whole controversy is just for attention and drama?

Exactly! It’s all about getting clicks and keeping people entertained, even if it’s not based on anything substantial.