What does Noob mean in online gaming?


A noob is basically a newcomer. It’s a fun, casual term used mainly on the internet to describe someone who is new to a certain area, like using a specific website, playing a new video game, or learning a piece of technology.

But it’s not just for newbies! Sometimes, a noob can also be someone who might not be new, but they’re not very good at what they’re doing. This is often seen in the world of online gaming, where players might call someone a noob if they’re not playing the game well or if they’re not following the unwritten rules of gaming etiquette.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re struggling to improve, don’t worry if someone calls you a noob. Everyone has to start somewhere, and with time and practice, you won’t be a noob for long!

Example for using ‘Noob’ in a conversation

Hey! I just started playing this new video game. It’s so cool!

Oh, really? What game is it?

It’s called ‘Fantasy Quest’. Have you heard of it?

Yeah, I’ve played it before. Are you any good?

Haha, not yet. I’m a total noob at this game!

No worries! We all start as noobs. I can teach you some tips if you want.

That would be awesome! Thanks for helping out a noob like me. πŸ˜„