What does Nooblord mean in League of Legends?

Top-tier beginner

When you’re playing a game like Dota 2 and you encounter someone who is completely new to the game and is struggling to get a grip, you might describe them as a Nooblord. It’s a playful way to point out that they’re not just a newbie, but they’re the king or queen of all newbies.

More experienced players find it amusing to face off against a Nooblord, as it’s usually a guaranteed win for them. But remember, everyone has to start somewhere. So while the term can be used in a teasing manner, it’s important not to be too harsh. After all, we were all Nooblords once.

So, next time you’re in a gaming session and you see someone struggling, you’ll understand what it means if they’re referred to as a Nooblord. It’s all part of the fun and banter of the gaming world.

Example for using ‘Nooblord’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new player in our game? 🎮

Yeah, they were terrible! 😂

I know, right? They were the ultimate newbie, a total Nooblord! 🤣

Haha, definitely! It was so fun dunking on them! 😝